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Meet the Owners

Many of you may already know Craig and Josh but for those of you who don't we wanted to formally introduce them and tell you a little story of how the idea for 23 Kitchens came about.

Craig Millsap. Craig is the owner of a successful construction company and rebar fabrication and supply company both have been serving Thurston county and surrounding areas for over 25 years. Chances are if you have been in any commercial building in the last 20 years, you've seen his work. Craig loves pickleball and plays nearly every day.

Joshua Carpenter is a dentist here in Lacey and started his dental practice from scratch in 2016 after serving as a dentist in the army for four years prior. Josh first heard about pickleball from his patients that play in Jubilee and after hearing about it so much decided to give it a try. Now he's hopelessly addicted.


So now the obvious question. How did a dentist and a concrete guy meet and decide to build an 11 court pickleball complex with a restaurant and bar? Funny story actually. January 2020 a mutual friend called Josh late one night and said Craig had cut his leg snowmobiling and needed some first aid. Josh hopped up, grabbed his suture kit and went and stitched him back up. Craig offered to pay him for stitching him up but Josh refused and told him that he owed him a snowmobile trip instead. A few weeks later, after the leg had healed up, Craig made good on his promise. On the way to the mountain, somehow pickleball made its way into the conversation. Josh's friend who lives in the Midwest had recently told him about pickleball facilities there with indoor and outdoor courts, restaurants, and large tournaments! He mentioned that to Craig and both thought that the Pacific Northwest was the perfect home for a restaurant and pickleball entertainment complex! Within weeks, 23 Kitchens was moved from the Dream Board to the To Do list. Stay tuned for next weeks announcement where we will give a walkthrough of the complex. Until then enjoy the hot weather drink lots of water while you're playing lot's of pickleball.

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