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23|Kitchens pro shop is your go-to source for all your pickleball needs. We offer a large selection of paddles from top brands like GEARBOX, as well as local companies like ONESHOT and GRYP, to give you the best possible experience on the court. We also carry a variety of pickleball accessories such as balls, bags, and over grips from our friends at DRIP GRIPS.
Our goal is to make sure our customers have all the best quality gear they need to have a great time and enjoy the game of pickleball. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, we have something for everyone.

Stop by and check us out today

We understand that every Pickleball player has different needs and preferences when it comes to equipment. That's why, in addition to our own proshop, we've partnered with Pickleball Central to offer a full range of paddles, nets, balls, shoes, bags and anything else you might need on the court. 

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