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June Construction Update

Last day of June means it's time for a construction update! A lot has been going on here at 23|Kitchens. If you haven't been following us on social media, the outdoor courts are painted and almost ready for some action. In the following week or so, fencing will be put up around the outdoor courts and once that is done, the courts will be good to go! The restaurant and bar have made great progress as well. The front doors and rooftop bar windows have been installed! Kitchen appliances are finally starting to get added to the restaurant! Not a whole lot has changed in the pickleball facility, but we have added some awesome 23|Kitchens logos to the walls throughout the facility as well as getting a photo backdrop that you can see towards the end of the video. If you stop by the pickleball facility, be sure to snap a photo in front of that backdrop and tag us on Instagram! Things are really starting to come together and we can't wait until everything is finally done. As always, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss out on 23|Kitchens news and updates!

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