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  • What is pickleball?
    Invented right here in the great state of Washington, pickleball is now our official state sport. Pickleball is a fun and popular sport that one can say is a mix between tennis and ping pong. It's played on a smaller court with a solid paddle and a lightweight plastic ball with holes in it. The rules are pretty simple. It's easy for people of all ages and skill levels to pick up and play. In fact, it's the fastest growing sport in America and is becoming more popular in schools, retirement communities, and rec centers all over the world. It’s extremely social, yet can be as competitive and athletic as you want it to be.
  • Do I have to be a member to play here?
    No! We’re open to the public. Memberships offer free daily play, discounts, and priority reservations.
  • How can I play at 23|Kitchens?
    We have a variety of ways to get you introduced to the game! If you’re already at the facility, head over to the pickleball pavilion and see if there’s a court available for play. Courts are rented in one and two hour blocks. If you’re not onsite, you can go to our website to make a reservation for a court or give us a call at 360-615-2323. We have both indoor and outdoor courts, so if you want to soak up the sun or don’t want to get soaked by the rain, you’ve got options! If you’re already one of the addicted or see pickleball in your future, you can also become a member. We have memberships where you can reserve courts for free or get involved in rotating open play courts that will be available. Not sure you can handle the heat in the kitchen? We offer lessons as well for those really looking to play the game a little more seriously or to improve their skills. Finally, we offer open courts all day, so if you don’t have a group of four players but want to come out, you can join in the open play courts and paddle up! 23|Kitchens is a member and general public facility that welcomes everyone to enjoy our great game!
  • What if I don’t have a paddle?
    No fear! We have paddles for rent or demos that you can use. Paddle rentals are $5.00 for either an hour, two hour or open play session and are available in the Pro Shop.
  • What other equipment do I need?
    One of the great things about pickleball is how easy it is to get into the game! A paddle is the primary piece of equipment. Of course, you’ll need a ball. We have balls for sale at the Pro Shop ($3.00) or you can bring your own. Aside from that, the real focus would be on shoes. You will need a court shoe/athletic shoe and preferably one separate from the shoes you’re wearing in from the parking lot. Shoes can get stones lodged in the tread which wreaks havoc on court surfaces. But, for your comfort and safety, a court shoe/athletic shoe is what you will want to play in for good traction and quick lateral movements. Please make sure your shoes are a non-marking sole! Aside from that, we would recommend some sunscreen if you are on the beautiful outdoor courts!
  • Do I need a reservation to play?
    Nope. Reservations are recommended during busier times of the day and evening, but aren’t necessary. If there’s a free court, you’re welcome to go to the Pro Shop and get on to play! Our Pro Shop is located in the pavilion, our large building and the front desk can help you with anything you need. We will also have courts dedicated to open play each day, so you can jump into some games for a drop-in fee, even if you don’t have your own foursome of players.
  • How do I become a member?
    Hit up our website ( and click Memberships to find a program that works for you. Individual, couples, and family memberships are all available. Memberships will be limited so we can protect member court availability so reserve your spot while you can!
  • Do you offer clinics/lessons/intro classes?
    Absolutely! We will have both staff and guest instructors coming in to hold classes, clinics, and lessons for all levels.
  • I like to play with people at my own level – will there be something there for me?
    For sure! We have organized level-based open play and lessons dedicated to your level. Never picked up a paddle? No problem. We have introductory lessons for groups and individuals. Trying to climb the ratings chart? We’ve got you there too. With certified instructors, we can build a lesson plan that will focus on parts of your game that needs the most work.
  • What do you offer in your Pro Shop?
    Balls, hats, paddles, bags, eyewear, apparel, 23|Kitchens gear, accessories, and more! If it’s pickleball, we’ll carry it. Special thanks to Gearbox and Oneshot for their partnerships and featured paddle lines. We will also carry some local paddle manufacturers and other brands.
  • I see a lot of these questions seem geared toward beginning pickleball players. I know what I’m doing – is this place for me too?
    Absolutely!!! 23|Kitchens is dedicated to the love of the game – no matter your skill level! If you’ve never picked up a paddle or you’re prepping for your 5.0 tournament, we have championship quality courts and everything you will need to carry on your own love of the game.
  • Can I host parties, corporate events or tournaments of my own?
    Starting to see a trend with these answers? You bet! We host small corporate luncheons to large, full-campus events for groups of 4 to 400! We have a number of areas available for event rental including single or multiple courts, full pavilion, concert lawn, axe throwing wood shed, rooftop, private rooftop, and even the entire campus. Reach out to our general manager ( to reserve your space and event.
  • What else do you offer?
    Pickleball not your thing or maybe you’re pickled out? Try axe throwing! How about cornhole? Giant Jenga? Along with a variety of backyard games, we will have events catered to non-pickleball activities as well: a weekly run club, wine tastings, cocktail creation on the rooftop, kids camps, tournaments, live music, yoga, crafts, game nights and a lot more. The backyard is designed for all kinds of backyard fun beside just pickleball. Axe throwing can be found in the Wood Shed back by the concert lawn. For all the other backyard games, stop by the host desk at the Pro Shop to check out the game equipment (FREE).
  • Does it cost money to play the other games?
    Aside from pickleball and axe throwing, everything else is free. You’ll be asked to check-out equipment using your ID which will be returned to you when you return the equipment. We have cornhole, giant Jenga, giant dice, bucket pong, Connect Four and a few more games to try!
  • Axe throwing? Tell me more!
    Our axe throwing lanes are some of the best in the South Sound! Reservations can either be made at the Pavilion Host Desk or online. We have four lanes and costs $25.00 per person for a one hour session. Each lane can host up to four people comfortably for everyone to get ample throwing time. We supply the axes (yep – they’re real!) and the games for you to play. We’ll start each session with some lessons and instruction and then let you enjoy.
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